Power Through the Dirt and Grime on Your Property

Power Through the Dirt and Grime on Your Property

Commercial power washing services are just a phone call away in Bartow & Lakeland, FL

As a business owner, first impressions are everything

Don't let a dirty facility give clients the wrong idea about your company. Reach out to an expert at Performance Power Sweep, LLC in Bartow & Lakeland, FL to schedule power washing services. We'll make sure your facility's exterior looks its best year-round.

For tough stains, we'll come equipped with a commercial hot water pressure washer. Call 863-533-9111 now to discuss your power washing needs with a member of our staff.

Restore your outdoor features to their former beauty

If you don't have a hot water pressure washer just lying around, hire us to clean your property. We'll wash away:


The mold on your brick siding


The debris on your concrete walkway


The oil stains on your asphalt parking lot

We can also clean the streets for area HOAs and business owners.

For more information about our commercial power washing services, contact us today.