How to Keep Your Community Clean

How to Keep Your Community Clean

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Street maintenance is a necessity for every gated community, subdivision and shopping center

If you need help keeping your streets looking presentable, hire the pros at Performance Power Sweep, LLC. Since 1993, our street sweeping business has been cleaning up roads in the Bartow & Lakeland, FL area. Leaves, dirt and debris - we'll remove it all and dispose of it properly.

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Check out the benefits of scheduling regular street cleaning

Cleaning up your roads does more than just improve the look of your community. Scheduling regular street maintenance will:


Improve the health of your community members

Cleaning up your streets will remove potentially harmful contaminants from the air


Make your community safer

Removing debris on the road will improve the safety of local drivers, cyclists, runners and pedestrians


Protect the environment

Sweeping up harmful debris keeps it from harming local wildlife and polluting waterways

Don't wait to clean up your streets - schedule an appointment with our street sweeping business today.